Why use a personal trainer?

The answer is simple. Results!
Want to know how? Contact Andrew Personal Training.

Fitness programmes tailor-made to your needs

People approach personal trainers for many reasons. You may be finding it hard to lose weight, have low self-esteem, lack the energy to really enjoy your daily life or you may just spend hours in the gym only to find yourself getting very little in return for your efforts.

Every client is an individual with different requirements. That’s why all my training programmes are designed specifically as per your individual needs. Based on your daily routine, your home and work commitments, your likes and dislikes, your own unique training is planned. Everything in the plan is tailored to suit your requirements so that you achieve the results you want.

Are you someone who wants to push yourself further? I can provide training on multiple levels. From those who are new to exercise to elite athletes, I help train clients from all across West London.

What are the benefits of having me as your personal trainer?

  • I can motivate and keep you focused on the end result
  • Working with me is more efficient as you will be spending less time doing inefficient exercises and more time on result focused training
  • I can help improve your technical skills and show you new ways to exercise which will not only improve your strength and endurance but also your agility and mental focus
  • Your progress is continually monitored and reviewed by me. This ensures that your efforts are not wasted and you get the most out of your training

Putting YOU first

Do you have specific requirements or health conditions? I can create a personal fitness plan and work with you to achieve your goals. You can learn to work out safely and efficiently with me. I provide training to clients from all across West London. Get in touch with me for more information.

How Andrew Personal Training can help you with circuit training

  • Challenge your whole body – By incorporating individual ‘stations’ as part of a whole body circuit, you can hit all muscle groups
  • Mix cardio and strength training- Circuit training offers the best of both worlds by allowing you to combine intervals of high-intensity cardio with resistance for a comprehensive workout
  • Increase your fitness level – During each session you can work out at your own pace and also push yourself to increase fitness levels, burning up to 500 calories each time
  • Send your metabolism soaring – Circuit training kick-starts your metabolism. You can burn more calories in 20 minutes than you would in an entire hour on the elliptical trainer. Plus, the after burn effect will have you torching calories for up to 48 hours after your workout ends

Group training

If you enjoy exercising with your friends or colleagues then group training is perfect for you. There are many benefits of group fitness. Spending time with colleagues outside of the workplace encourages team bonding and builds morale. If you work out in a class with an instructor, you can also ensure that all participants are using proper exercise techniques.

Training in groups is more cost-effective and just as efficient as having individual sessions. Want to find out more? Contact Andrew Personal Training for more information about my fitness programmes. I serve clients across West London.

Spinning Classes

Spin class is as challenging as it is exhilarating. Benefits of a spin class include weight loss, improved strength, and endurance.These benefits are enhanced when spin classes are combined with other cardio and resistance workouts, but you can easily use a spin class as your main workouts

Spinning benefits for your body

Spin classes are notoriously challenging, which means you’re likely to see results, especially if you commit to regular classes.

To gain the full benefits, you’ll need to commit to three to six classes per week for a total of 150 minutes. Use a journal or app to track the progress of your fitness goals.

Building strength

In order to improve your strength, plan on doing at least 150 minutes of spinning per week. You may see results after a few weeks of regular classes, but you’ll have to keep up with the classes in order to maintain the results.

Cardiovascular benefits

Spinning is a wonderful way to improve cardiovascular health. It’s similar to other forms of cardio, such as running, swimming, and elliptical training. It’s ideal for people who want a cardio workout without putting too much stress on their joints.

Andrew Personal Training is design to be challenging & Fun.

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